May 24th, 2008

book 1

Reckless by Shannon Drake

Publisher: Harlequin, 2005
Genre: Romance
Sub-genre: Historical

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I honestly don't remember why I picked this one up. It was in a huge pile of used books, and I grabbed a number of them, this one among them. It might have been the warm tones on the cover that caught my attention, although honestly I thought this was a contemporary until I started reading it. Imagine my confusion when the heroine reflects on her lack of corset and bustle. I suppose she's pretty clearly hanging around in her underwear, but in my defense, it could easily have been a dress in a more modern setting.

I am a little annoyed that they cut her face off so she has no eyes. I don't mind the current popularity of the "headless heroine" covers as much as some people, but this is more blatant than most. We get her full body, all the way up to her nose... but NO EYES because then people might see the heroine as a personality instead of just some chick who looks good in her underwear, and we can't have that.

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